Specialty Services

SBS has been providing our clients with multiple specialty services, such as Superior Pipe Restoration Solutions. SBS provides state of the art pipe lining technology to line inaccessible interior pipes on some of New York City's biggest buildings. We are experts in underground and building systems pipe restoration serivce, PIP/Structural Lining and spray systems for piping raning from 1.5 inches to 72 inches. Our solutions are extremely efficient, saving time, money, and the aggravation associated with traditional pipe replacement.

These are just a few business industries that we service:

  • Universites & Schools
  • Office Complexes & Office Towers
  • Condominiums & Co-ops
  • Hospitals
  • High & Low Rise Buildings
  • Municipalities
  • Airports
  • Gated/Assisted Living Communities
  • Sanitary Water Systems
  • Fire Suppression and Sprinkler Systems
  • Underground Sanitation Systems
  • HVAC

Problems Experienced by Aging Pipes

Take a look at the process before, during, and after!


Close up of a six-inch pipe serverly corroded, tubercalculated and influenced by MIC


The same six-inch pipe, post abrasive media cleaning with a concial spray head to a near white metal finish


Restored six-inch pipe, leak tested, with NFS 61, UL certified epoxy lining


  • Protects pipe against future corrosion
  • Extends service life of system piping and components
  • Significantly enhances water and air quality and protects against future degradation
  • Coatings eliminate the leaching of lead from soldered joints, and the corrosion of copper and steel pipe
  • Reduces frequency of maintenance and decreases overall annual maintenance cost and system down-time
  • Enhances flow capacity and system efficiency

Watch this video on how this process works

Services provided by Spray In Place. Contact SBS for more information on this pipe restoration system!